betsy + don

i am truly in awe in the power of story. the importance of relationship. the strength of family. the beauty of love. betsy and don have big, beautiful smiles and big, beautiful hearts. the people they have surrounded themselves with are equally amazing, and together they have formed a team that makes this world more full, beautiful, true, every single day. i will forever be grateful that i was able to tell the story of their wedding day. i can’t fully put what i feel into words, but my heart is full and so, so thankful. / covington, LA

greta + gerald

two people from different corners of the globe who found each other far from home… and became home for each other. greta + gerald’s travel-themed wedding was such a fun day to be a part of. big thanks to viva la diva for making the event so lovely.
henry ford museum / dearborn, MI

julia + megan

i don’t think i’ll ever forget the moment, sitting at my airport gate. my eyes were glued to cnn when the supreme court’s announcement came on. i boarded my flight, tears in my eyes and smile on my face, knowing i was heading a thousand miles east with the privilege and honor of telling this story. what on this planet is more beautiful than true, deep, honest, never-ending love? i am deeply grateful to have been a part of julia and megan’s intimate wedding celebration. it was a day about family, friends, sunshine, hugs, laughter, ocean breezes, and joy joy joy. all you could ever ask for, really.
kennebunkport inn / kennebunkport, ME