in february i spent a week exploring barcelona, my favorite city on the planet. how to i begin to describe that place? it’s so cliche to say, but words really don’t do it justice. barcelona is so full of life. so creative. so unique. it was unseasonably cold during my visit, yet still breathtakingly beautiful. i ate incredible food, practiced my spanish with kind and fascinating taxi drivers and servers, and got to attend not one but *two* FC barcelona matches (if you know me at all you know this is nothing short of a dream come true!!).

traveling is one of my greatest passions and i feel so unspeakably blessed each time i visit a new city or get another stamp on my passport. today i’m headed off to london (and rome! and venice!) with my dear friend mary. i have a feeling some wonderful adventures await us… and there will be many, many more photos to share :)

if you aren’t familiar with the sagrada familia, it’s worth taking a moment or two to read up on. it’s the third most visited site in europe, and not hard to see why. this was my third visit and each has been unique, overwhelming, otherworldly.