best year ever.

i started crying while i was choosing photos for this post. no lie. tears on the keyboard. happy, happy, happy, tears. looking through all these dozens of blog posts from the last year, remembering the incredible moments i was able to witness and document, just kind of overwhelmed me. this year has been amazing– i never, ever could have dreamed that at age 23 i’d quit my day job to work for myself full time. i didn’t know it was possible to love my job– my life– this much. i can’t even begin to find the words for what an honor it is to capture the beauty all around me, to celebrate such wonderful moments, to tell the stories of such amazing people. so thank you– to my clients, my friends, my readers, my encouragers– you all helped make 2010 the most beautiful year of my life. and here’s to all that 2011 has in store– i cannot wait to see what is yet to come.