Nellie + Ed
September, 1946

Gen + Ray
September, 1951

These are my grandparents. Words cannot express how much I love them, and I’m truly inspired by their legacy of love. When I see these photos, my heart swells. I’m reminded of the vows they spoke and lived out; the people they once were, the people they’ve become, the families they created, and the life of love they’ve fostered. These photos might show the beginning of their stories, but with time they’ve come to represent so much more.

It’s my deepest honor to photograph your wedding day, and it’s my greatest hope that the photos I create of your wedding will one day be shared with your children, and their children, and on and on. I want these photos to be a way that they see YOU, and that your personalities and love for each other shine through abundantly clearly.

Wedding photography isn’t just about the wedding day. It tells a story that goes on long after the cake has been cut and the DJ stops spinning. Wedding photography is an investment in your future, and becomes a piece of your legacy. The moments themselves may be fleeting, but my goal is to capture them in a way that helps the memories live on forever.

I’ve photographed over 200 weddings, endured nearly every type of weather, witnessed a multitude of emotions, and cried through countless vows. Even though I have years of experience, none of this is old or redundant to me. Each wedding feels like a new day, and I’m honored to be at each one. You have my word that you can trust me to know what to do when the weather turns foul, or the veil flies off. You can count on me to help ease your worries when the stress is running high, to be simultaneously discreet and totally present, and most importantly, to commit myself to seeing and documenting your celebration in a way that’s as unique and beautiful as the love you’re celebrating.

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